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Let me show you around your new town

Heading to Boise, ID to view available homes might seem daunting at first, but the right real estate agent can make you feel at ease. Fortunately, you've hired Aaron Fagerson from Altius Realty. You can count on me to help you buy or sell property throughout the area.

I take pride in my personal approach to real estate. I will pick you up from the airport and show you around town so that you get a chance to see whether you like the area. Call 208-949-6080 to start working with my agency today.

5 good reasons to let me work for you

Here at Altius Realty, I strive to be a technology-driven company with a people-driven approach. Many individuals trust me to help them buy or sell residential property in Boise, ID because:

1. I can handle property transactions.

As a fully licensed agent, I have been helping individuals buy and sell real estate for over five years

2. I'm familiar with your local market.

I have the knowledge to get the most out of your local market through extensive research and years of personal experience

3. Connection with the local community.

Signing with Altius Realty, you can get to know local buyers and sellers quicker

4. I use the latest technology to showcase homes.

Whether you're listing a home or searching for a home, you can benefit from our virtual tours and open houses.

5. I combine a small-business approach with large-business capabilities.

I provide a personal approach while working with our parent company, EPIC Realty.